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Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2010

posted on 12 July 2010 by ihaenen
We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that the deadline for submitting your abstracts for our Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2010 conference in Vienna at November 8-11, 2010 is only 2 months away (May 31, 2010). As we have received...

Campaign on Waste management in Nairobi

posted on 12 July 2010 by ihaenen
The video shows the current living conditions of one part of the Nairobi society, having to deal with increasing waste dumping and lack of health and safety standards in waste management practices. 

Health and Safety Guidelines for Waste Picking

posted on 23 September 2010 by Anonymous
IPES Promoción del Desarrollo Sastenible, in Peru has published a health and safety guide addressing waste pickers and generally waste related professions. The guide is very well illustrated and provides useful and reader-friendly information...

Integrating Waste Pickers for Sustainable Recycling

posted on 24 August 2012 by Sameera
This paper describes developments in waste collection and recycling that are taking place in Belo Horizonte City, in the south-east region of Brazil, where the Municipal Administration has integrated the waste pickers, as part of the separate...