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The world is changing rapidly, and so do waste management systems and the discussions about the role and relevance of waste management. New themes around solid waste management gain more and more attention and they gradually form trends in the sector. The WastePortal is trying to follow those trends and provide you with access to related information. Among those trends we have identified the following:

Climate Change, Infromal Sector,Indicators, Public Private Partnerships, Sustainable Financing

Below you can find all the available resources- events, organizations, pages, weblinks- that relate to the different waste related trends.


Dissemination of Waste-to-Energy Biogas Technologies from Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management Systems

posted on 10 November 2011 by tatiana
One of the products of the ISSOWAMA (Integrated Sustainable Management in Asia ) project is the workshop on "Dissemination of Waste-to-Energy Biogas Technologies from Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management Systems". The workshop was...

From Tragedy to Opportunity: Analysis of the Case Study Assessment on the controlled Dumpsite Facility in Payatas, Quezon City, Philippines

posted on 6 March 2012 by Anonymous
This paper presents the results of the case study assessment on the controlled dumpsite facility located at Payatas, Quezon City, Philippines. The facility, formerly an open dumpsite, has a tragic history more than 30 years of use and misuse when a...

Guidelines for Contracting Solid Waste Management Services to Micro Enterprises

posted on 23 April 2012 by Anonymous
This document is a tool-kit for the  development of a solid waste management public pricvate partnership for Micro-Enterprises. It provides the guidelines for contracting Solid Waste Management Services to Micro Enterprises. It has been produced...

Population, Development, and Waste Management in Botswana: Conceptual and Policy Implications for Climate Change

posted on 24 August 2012 by Sameera
Based on government and other relevant documentation, this paper explores the conceptual linkage between population, development, and waste management in Botswana and the implications of this relationship for global climate change. Population is...
Training materials

Start your Sanitation Business: A Training Guide

posted on 4 November 2013 by Anonymous
The entrepreneurship guide “Start your Sanitation Business” is a training guide for masons, manual and mechanical emptiers of latrines as well as for any person interested in starting a small-scale business in the sanitation field. The...

Municipal Waste Generation Outlook for OECD countries

posted on 18 October 2010 by Anonymous
The European Environmental Agency provides projections for municipal solid waste generation from 1980-2030 for the OECD countries.

The Netherlands Waste Management Partnership (NWMP)

posted on 17 March 2011 by Anonymous
  The Netherlands Waste Management Partnership, abbreviated as NWMP, was established in November 2008. The NWMP is a so-called public-private partnership, and comprises the entire chain of companies that work in the waste management sector. The...

Carbon Financing and Solid Waste Management

posted on 22 March 2011 by Anonymous
Waste Concern and United Nations ESCAP has published a brochure explaining the Clean Development Mechanism and its application to solid waste management practices. The brochure provides a short explanation on: What is carbon financing? Who...

Key Facts on World's First Carbon Trading Based on a Composting Project

posted on 22 March 2011 by Anonymous
Waste Concern has published an interesting fact sheet about the first carbon credits from a composting project in Dhaka City in Bangladesh. The company created, WWR Bio Fertilizer Bangladesh Ltd., is a joint venture between Waste Concern and other...