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Redefining Commercial Waste: New Requirements and Solutions

posted on 2 February 2011 by Anonymous
This event aims to put commercial waste under focus from both the producer side as to what needs to be done and to demonstrate what the waste management and compliance sector can offer in terms of solutions.  Senior Defra official Roy Hathaway...

The European Parliament votes in favour of almost Zero Waste for 2020!

posted on 28 June 2012 by Sameera
Today -24th May 2012- the European Parliament (EP) passed a resolution on a Resource Efficient Europe which, if implemented, could put the EU on the road for Zero Waste for 2020.

Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation

posted on 20 January 2011 by Anonymous
The Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HE.R.R.Co S.A.) was founded in December 2001 by industrial and commercial enterprises which, either supply packaged products to the Greek market, or manufacture different packaging items. The Central Union...

CEWEP: Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants

posted on 7 June 2012 by Anonymous
CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) represents about 363 Waste-to-Energy Plants across Europe. They thermally treat household and similar waste that remains after waste prevention, reuse and recycling by generating energy from it....

Screening Tool for Sustainability Assessment: Case of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Nonthaburi, Thailand

posted on 10 November 2011 by Anonymous
In this study an assessment tool aiming at evaluating case studies on solid waste management from Asian developing countries, which was developed under the Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Asia (ISSOWAMA) Project, funded by the...

Thematic Panel Discussion on Municipal, Healthcare and Industrial waste in Philippines

posted on 10 November 2011 by tatiana
The first Thematic Panel Discussion on "Promoting Sustainable Solid Waste Management Practices in Asia" within ISSOWAMA project took place in November, 2010 in Manila, the Philippines. During the four-day event (Novmber 23rd -...

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ho Chi Minh City, Lessons learned

posted on 11 November 2011 by tatiana
An interesting presentation of the Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ho Chi Minh City and the lessons to be learned from this case. The presentation is one of the results of the ISSOWAMA (Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Asia) project.

Guidelines for Contracting Solid Waste Management Services to Micro Enterprises

posted on 23 April 2012 by Anonymous
This document is a tool-kit for the  development of a solid waste management public pricvate partnership for Micro-Enterprises. It provides the guidelines for contracting Solid Waste Management Services to Micro Enterprises. It has been produced...

La Participation de la Communaute a la Gestion des Dechets Solides a Burkina Faso: Collecte des Ordure Menageres a Ouagadougou

posted on 1 June 2012 by Anonymous
Le rapport est basé sur le projet UWEP de WASTE en cooperation avec le CREPA á Ouagadougou en 1997. Le rapport presente les resultats d'une approache participative d'analyse du systéme de gestion des déchets y...

Source Specific Quantification and Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste: a Review

posted on 1 June 2012 by Anonymous
An interesting article for waste compositions and densities in different countries by Gawaikar and Deshpande. Municipal agencies manage municipal solid wastes from urban areas with the objectives of providing good sanitation facilities as also...