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The goal of this portal is to improve waste management practices globally to ensure a cleaner environment, healthier and fairer jobs in waste management, higher recycling rates, and improved waste system performance.

Although this is a tall order, we believe that for improving waste management practices, people are the starting point. Not only the general 'usual suspects' in waste management, like the municipality, and ministries of environment and health, but also households as clients of waste management services, the informal waste sector earning a livelihood with resource management, producers of consumables. All these actors have a stake in well-functioning, clean waste management services.

We are convinced that people around the world that work with waste can learn a lot from each other. This Portal provides general, but also specific contextual information on waste management. With this site we hope not only to offer usefull information on waste management, but also stimulate discussion, by offering a platform to people working in urban waste management.


Introduction to the initiators

The team that initiated the portal are WASTE colleagues, and the core group of the Collaborative Working Group on Solid Waste Management in Low-and Middle- Income Countries (CWG).

The Development of the Portal takes place within the framework of the programme “Promoting Integrated Sustainable Waste Management through Public Private Partnerships”, or “PPP-ISWM” in short. The Programme is jointly implemented between UNDP Public Private Partnerships Programme (UNDP PPPSD) and WASTE and receives funding from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General International Cooperation (DGIS). 




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